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Are You Following These 3 Important Steps For Complete
Inner Freedom, Manifestation & Life-Mastery?

If you ever find yourself jumping from one program to the next, or not enjoying all
the inner fulfillment and success you'd like, you may be missing one of these steps!

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    Clarify your Core Intention using our Quick-Start Guide. Then, begin exploring resources to support your most inspired desires -- Weekly Messages, Meditation Toolkits, and our Foundational Qigong Power Program.

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    Practice the tools of transformation, a little bit every day. Get support from our community of practice. Enjoy 1-to-1 video/audio mentoring sessions with one of our spiritual growth mentors! Attain competency and mastery, while always adding new perspectives to deepen practical knowledge and expand insights.

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    Share your love, insights and wisdom on Spiritual Growth Monthly. Create your signature training that enriches the lives of others while generating income for you forever!

(1) Begin Here...

Quick-Start Guide: Your Spiritual Growth Accelerator!

Simply explore the questions and be open to the answers you receive from Source. Write down your Core Intention or #1 Spiritual Growth Goal for the next 6-12 months.  Then begin exploring SGM's resources to help you best align with your Core Intention -- Weekly Messages & Meditations, Meditation Toolkits and our Foundational Qigong Power Program etc... (see below)

A Practice Community To Support You - Your Every Question Answered!

If you would like the input of the SGM community, you can post your comments, questions and experiences on the members' area under the current Weekly Message.  And if you'd like more in-depth support, you may enjoy 1-to-1 video/audio mentoring sessions with one of our spiritual growth mentors -- great for clarifying what you truly want and clearing inner blocks with greater ease!


Everything You Need To Support YOUR
Conscious Evolution In One Place!

(2) All The Support You'll Ever Need To
Master Your Practice!

(3) There's MORE To Spiritual Growth Than
Your Individual Transformation! Much More!

At Spiritual Growth Monthly, we know the highest level of learning is when you share the love and teach! When you share your experience, wisdom and compassion in this supportive environment, everybody benefits:

  • Our members are enriched by receiving a new spiritual teaching perspective! (The more perspectives we receive, the deeper and more powerfully we learn and master our practice together!)
  • By teaching (or even preparing to teach) you’re gaining the highest level of understanding, insight, and mastery!
  • You have created a signature presentation that can generate income for you FOREVER! (You now hold a blueprint and building block to create ANY type of digital product or live experience in your own business! Wow!)
  • The audience you attract (and everyone you touch) will benefit tremendously, both now and in the future!
  • By your alignment and courageous action, you’re encouraging others to step-up and share their gifts with the world! (When everyone is a powerful, effective teacher, we transform the planet together!)

For every level (even beginners) we suggest you can begin developing your signature teaching now, even if you don’t yet feel ready to share it. Why?

Because teaching (and preparing to teach) helps to clarify your understanding, AND, it’s incredibly powerful to keep in mind a greater goal than our individual transformation!


Resources To Share The Love:
Teach, Share & Earn!

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