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7-Day Challenge!

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Your mission, -- should you choose to accept complete it... is to "Maximize Your Wellness" in the next 7 days (and have as much FUN as possible!)

"Maximize Your Wellness" is designed to strengthen your internal energy, your immunity, and connection to Source.  Each Daily Session consists of energized breathing, light movement, and guided meditation and lasts no more than 30-60 minutes. It is a fusion of 3 "Qigong Power" programs available to our Full Members, and is a lot of FUN!

Your simple task is to practice the Daily Session linked on this page every day for 7 consecutive days and mark the session complete.  If you can, practice in nature where there's fresh air, otherwise inside your home will be fine. 🙂

Sounds easy enough, right?

Be careful not to underestimate the simplicity of this Challenge! 🙂

To win, you must post a comment on ALL 7 Session Pages within the appropriate time-frames!

Still think this is too easy? 🙂

We may or may not send any email reminders -- it is your responsibility to log-in every day to complete the sessions within the correct time-frames.  If you miss a comment for even one Daily Session, your Challenge is over. 🙁  You must post a comment on all 7 Daily Session pages to win!

Also, you must do each session with full engagement.  Your comment must say something "relevant" and "specific" about the session for that day so that we know you did it.

That's it. Have fun, the clock is ticking! 🙂

Click the link for today's Daily Session to begin!



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