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This month on SGM, we explore “The Millionaire Mindset: How to Install The Operating System of The Ultra-Rich In 7 Days”, with Matthew Clarkson.

This audio program was created to help you become a powerful magnet for all the abundance you desire! The meditations will help you easily release limiting beliefs, fears, and feelings of unworthiness about money, while at the same time, bathing yourself in the winning mind-sets of the ultra-rich! We are creators to the Core and all aspects of the one Life are sacred, so let’s use this incredible power to create all the financial abundance we truly we want, AND have a lot fun along the way! 🙂

For those members inspired to teach, share and earn, this program also demonstrates a proven audience and potential yield from your signature teaching — your very own best-selling book, audio-book or digital program!


WEEK 1: Introducing The Millionaire Mindset & Mindful Visualization Of Abundance


WEEK 2: Millionaire Mindset #1: Being Wealthy Feels Good On Every Level


WEEK 3: Millionaire Mindset 2: I Am 'At Cause' In My Life And I Choose To Be Wealthy




All “Core Energy Healing Power” sessions are now fully accessible to members here or through through the “Qigong Power” link

LEVEL 4: Applications For Specific Health Issues,
Money & Relationships!

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Core Energy Healing Power - click the links below to get startedThis month, we continue our exploration “Core Energy Healing Power”. If you’re new to the practice, begin with Level 1 to learn the basic procedure (September edition, below) before proceeding to Level 2 to “go deep” in the actual practice (last month’s messages below).  This month, we’ll continue exploring how to apply the technique to opening the floodgates to money/abundance and amazingly nurturing relationships! 🙂

This program demonstrates another type of signature teaching YOU could create and share with the world. We’re excited to help you create YOUR signature teaching so you can begin teaching, sharing and earning!


WEEK 1: Practice Session – “Abundance, Welcoming Gratitude!”


WEEK 2: Practice Session – “Abundance, Allowing Money to Flow!”


WEEK 3: Practice Session – “Abundance, Nurturing Win-Win Relating!”


WEEK 4: Holiday Special - "Peace Meditation"


WEEK 5: All "Basic Method" Practice Sessions


Core Energy Healing Power is not designed to treat, diagnose or advise about any physical problem.  For medical issues, please consult with your doctor in the first instance and take whatever action is appropriate.  Core Energy Healing Power can help you deal with any emotional reactions that might be exacerbating pain and find inner healing and peace with whatever the body/mind is going through.