Our Wellness Facilitators can help you clear negative emotions, clarify your dreams, offer practice suggestions, or simply listen!  Choose the modality you enjoy below OR click "General Session" to begin your journey into greater aliveness and peace!


  • General Session or Conversation

    If you’re not sure where to start, book a General Session. Your friendly Wellness Facilitator will listen and offer suggestions appropriate to your needs and preferences.

  • Energy Meridian Tapping

    Gently “tap away” the energy blocks and triggers causing pain and negative emotions. A soothing, non-invasive method derived from TCM that restores peaceful well-being!

  • Mindfulness Releasing

    Explore the power of mindfulness to release unwanted thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Uncover the inner peace, joy, and self-confidence that is natural!

  • Core Energy Healing

    A powerful “moving meditation” for releasing toxic energy and “dis-ease” from Body, Heart, and Mind.  Helps you quiet your mind while uncovering the peace and joy that is natural.

  • Energized Breathing

    Feel wonderful fast! Strengthen your lungs, boost your immunity, and raise your spirits sky high!  The perfect session when you’re feeling “down” or “depressed!”

  • Business Breakthrough

    Want to create/grow a business that makes money and serves the planet? First, uncover your true calling. Choose your strategies wisely, get support, and “get it done!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are "Wellness Sessions"?

"Wellness Sessions" is the broad term we use to describe our 1-to-1 sessions via Phone or Video with a "Wellness Facilitator" (a.k.a. Healer, Therapist, Coach, or Mentor trained to support you). These sessions come in various forms depending on your goals and preferences. They can take the form of friendly conversations, procedures like "tapping" and "mindfulness releasing", business strategizing, and even "energy healing."

Q. What do the sessions help with?

Wellness Facilitators can support you in many ways, including:

    • Gaining clarity, perspective, and support
    • Connecting with your Core Intention
    • Clarifying your calling and what you’re here to have, be or do
    • Releasing difficult emotions like sadness, grief, anxiety, etc
    • Getting unstuck, clearing limiting beliefs and stuck mindsets
    • Getting practice suggestions specific to your needs
    • Overcoming even life-long issues with incredible ease
    • Opening to universal abundance and new possibilities

Q. Are your Wellness Facilitators certified?

Yes. Each of our Facilitators has certified in at least one modality for accelerated human transformation and some hold multiple certifications. Each has completed a minimum of 250 hours' field training in their chosen area of expertise.

Q. What if I don't want to talk about my problems?

You may want to choose a session modality that focuses on "balancing energy" rather than "talking" about problems.  Modalities such as Energy Merdian Tapping and Core Energy Healing do not require the Facilitator to know much detail about the issue you're facing.

You need only share a few simple ideas with your Facilitator, who will then guide you through various procedures to help you feel better.

Q. What happens when I book my first session?

Click one of the "Book Session" buttons on this page to begin.  You'll be directed to an online calendar where you'll schedule a time for your session.  If you're not sure which session modality you'd like, then book a General Session. Your Facilitator will listen and offer suggestions appropriate to your needs and preferences.  You can choose whether you want to meet via Phone or Video/Zoom. (For Energy Merdian Tapping and Core Energy Healing sessions, video is strongly recommended so you can follow along).

When you meet with your Facilitator, their intention is simply to “show up” and give you space for whatever you want for yourself.  Therefore, it's not necessary to "overthink" the session in advance, but rather we suggest simply "showing up" with an open mind, ready to receive additional support and insight that will serve you! 🙂

UPDATE:  Given the pandemic, ALL members (regardless of your current membership level) receive ONE additional 1-to-1 "Wellness Session" this month as a courtesy! Click one of the "Book Session" buttons on this page to begin.

Q. How do "Wellness Sessions" benefit me?

A Wellness Facilitator increases your "awareness power" and "shines a light" for you.  This helps you find the Source of peace and joy within yourself.  Experientially, what you notice is that difficult emotions pass more quickly and easily.  Throughout your day, more and more, you're feeling peaceful and connected to your Source, unaffected by "outside" events and circumstances.  As your journey unfolds, regular Wellness Sessions remove “glass ceilings” and help you continue rising to higher and higher aliveness.

Q. How is this different from my "normal" relationships?

Those close to us often have established perspectives, and besides, it's not always their job to "put you first!" Your Wellness Facilitator shares fresh, unbiased awareness with you. You will find they always treat you with compassion while respecting the truth of who you are.

Though oftentimes they will surprise you with powerful suggestions, they will never attempt to "impose their will" on you.  Even when you're not showing it, your Wellness Facilitator remains grounded, holding fast to the "truth of who you are."  Whatever you might be feeling in the moment, they endeavor to hold in mind whatever you truly want for yourself.

Q. How much are "Wellness Sessions?"

As a Core or Freedom Member, you receive Wellness Sessions included with your membership.  Core Members receive one session MONTHLY.  Freedom Members receive TWO per WEEK.  When you have sessions available, feel free to book them on this page (above) as needed.

If you'd like more sessions, you have several options.  You may update your membership to a plan that includes more sessions.

Q. Can I purchase "Wellness Sessions" separately?

Yes. Given the pandemic, we're giving even greater discounts on Wellness Sessions "à la carte."  During these chaotic times, we want as many as possible to receive the extra support and healing benefits! 🙂

This month, Core and Freedom Members may purchase add-on sessions at the special members' rate of only $40 per session (normally $50).  There's a further 10% and 20% discount when purchasing bundles of 5 and 10 sessions respectively. If you're a Scholarship Member, this month the rate has been reduced to $50 per session (normally $60).

You may purchase add-on sessions securely below via PayPal.  After payment, return to this page to schedule your sessions:

How many add-on 'Wellness Sessions' do you want?

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The antidote is for each of us to make spiritual practice and wellness the number ONE priority.  Will you join us?