Guided Meditation Toolkits

Guided Meditation Toolkits

Spiritual Growth Monthly proudly presents the Guided Meditation Toolkit Series.  Guided Meditation can be very helpful when you want a reliable method to calm or focus your mind in a certain direction.

The Guided Meditation Toolkits are great resources when you have a specific goal or state of being you want to accomplish, quickly and dependably. Each grows an aspect of your energetic vibration, a quality you wish to embody, or an experience you wish to manifest in the world.

Begin exploring the Toolkits that feel most inspiring and/or appropriate in this moment:

Spiritual Growth Accelerator Toolkit

Spiritual Growth Accelerator

Begin with SGM’s self-inquiry process to clarify your Core Intention and initial practice preferences.

Manifesting Meditation Toolkit

Manifesting Meditation

Receive your Core Desire and find the correct vibrational stance to manifest everything easily in your life.

Healing & Happy Heart Guided Meditation Toolkit

The Power of Breath

Powerful breathing techniques to immediately reduce stress, relax, and energize your body and mind.

Power of Breath Meditation Toolkit

The Healed & Happy Heart

Cultivate feelings of love, worthiness, and healing. Release old hurts, allow new blessings to come!


Inner Clearing Guided Meditation Toolkit

Inner Clearing

Releases negative thinking, emotions, and stress while activating a feeling of spacious clarity and peace.

Learning Meditation Guided Meditation Toolkit

Learning Meditation

Learn how to meditate, activate your body’s natural relaxation response to release all types of stress.

Energy Meditation Guided Meditation Toolkit

Energy Meditation

Relaxes you deeply, opens your energy channels, and cultivates vital energy in your Lower Dantien.

If you're not yet sure about which practices to focus on, definitely book your next session with a Wellness Facilitator. Many times they can share suggestions to help you quickly find what will serve you well!


There are several ways you can enjoy the Guided Meditation Toolkits on-going:

First, if you're focusing on another Daily Practice you enjoy, you might like to save these Toolkits for "special occasions". That way, you can dip into them from time to time when you have a specific need (e.g. to revisit your goals, or clean up on a particular relationship, or clear a difficult emotion that came up, etc.)

Second, you can work with any or all of the Toolkits as part of your regular Daily Practice. You can go through them at your own pace, either in the order presented or in the way you feel guided to do so. Once you can to accomplish the desired state(s), we recommend you experiment turning off the audio and giving yourself the meditation cues directly from time to time. Watch this space as we're always adding new Toolkits to the series! 🙂

Third, these Guided Meditations will enhance your skills for any other meditation or wellness practice you enjoy. If you have another daily practice, you may work with these Guided Meditation Toolkits alongside your usual practice as desired. You may also want to pause your usual practice while you explore the Guided Meditation Toolkits and return to it when you feel ready.

Above all, follow your inspiration! And, enjoy your practice! ????