Resources To Support Your Wellness, Meditation & Spiritual Growth Practice


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  • 1-to-1 Wellness Sessions

    Our mentors/healers can help you release fear/trauma, clarify your dreams and calling, offer practice suggestions, or simply listen.

  • Qigong Power Programs

    3 “Qigong Power” programs to activate abundant well-being, core-level healing, and unshakable inner strength!

  • Meditation Toolkits

    Each grows an aspect of your being, a quality you wish to embody, or an experience you wish to manifest. Great for specific goals.

  • Teach, Share & Earn!

    The highest level is sharing! Receive support when creating your message, sharing it with the world, and earning a great income!

  • Awaken The Guru Within

    Follow this step-by-step system to create your own program that serves the planet and generates income for you FOREVER!

  • Launch Your Offering

    Imagine your own online business serving the planet and generating monthly income for you… Find the right way for YOU.

  • Quick Start Guide

    Our 3-step guide will help you clarify what you deeply desire and begin exploring resources that work best for YOU.

  • Weekly Messages

    Sunday’s bite-sized meditation, insight or guided practice to help strengthen your energy, immunity, and connection to Source!

  • Digital Programs

    If you have Digital Programs included with your membership as a courtesy, you may access these here!

  • 7-Day Wellness Challenges!

    Raise your energetic vitality, immunity, and Source connection!  Full Members have unlimited, unrestricted access to all!

  • SGM Back Issues

    Over 120 “Back Issues” of Spiritual Growth Monthly. A vast spiritual growth audio library at your command!

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