On yesterday’s call, our members explored powerful "meridian tapping" to clear even long-standing, deeply-held trauma from the body/mind. We also explored intentional "positive focus," and the power of the heart to activate vibrations of well-being, safety, and trust.  Click PLAY to enjoy this week's Group Meditation recording (normally for members only):

How To Get A Free "Clone" Of Our Membership Platform So You Can Quickly Launch Your Income-Generating Program!

From the Desk of Matthew Clarkson
Director of Online Sales & Training 

Dear Friend,

In the wake of the pandemic, many traditional businesses have taken a huge hit.

But did you know, there’s been a 25% increase in online sales in recent months?  That’s in addition to the average $3.4 trillion already being spent online! [1]

So, could this be the perfect time to develop YOUR online program?

Can you image:

• Your very own online membership program with 1000 members, each paying $10-200 per month?  Or how about...

• Supporting the conscious evolution of our planet with your very own best-selling e-book, audio-course, online event, or training program?  Or maybe...

• Creating a "side-business" that compliments your core business (with even more customers and sales for BOTH businesses?)

There are many ways to skin a cat!

But let's begin by exploring this question:


Which of these online income models resonate best with you?


Did you know that subscription-based businesses provide a very stable and predictable income?

Running costs are tiny compared to most brick-and-mortar businesses.  Once set-up, all operations are automated and/or systematized, so it need not take much time to manage, whether you have 100 or 100,000 customers!

As you have seen at, our platform easily handles subscriptions, AND just about every other online income model, too!  This platform is not only customizable for your brand, program, and message.  It also allows you to offer any possible combination of:

(1) Subscriptions, One-Time Payment Memberships, Free Trials/Levels, etc. See examples: [1] [2]
(2) Password protected content and programs (Free and/or Paid). See examples: [1] [2]
(3) Sequential Courses & 7-Day Challenges (Free and/or Paid). See examples: [1] [2]
(4) 1-to-1 Sessions and Classes (Free and/or Paid). See example >
(5) Group Classes, Online Events, and Coaching (Free and/or Paid).  See examples: [1] [2]
(6) Physical Products. See example >
... And MUCH More!

That's at least 6 ways to create and grow your online income!

This will save you massive amounts of time, money, and energy, getting set up.  That way, you can focus on launching your program!


"What exactly is the Platform? What's included for FREE?"


(1) We are giving you the overall setup we use, so you can launch your own online programs as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible!

(2) The Platform comes with fill-in-the-blank templates that you can customize for your business.  To be clear, we are NOT granting permission to copy the content, training programs, or marketing materials on Spiritual Growth Monthly.

(3) The Platform is designed to run on your website/server and be under your full control. It is easy to post your content and make simple edits yourself without knowing a single line of code.  That's because the Platform is designed for WordPress which powers 38% of the entire web! [2]


Here's why there are ZERO on-going running costs (other than your own website hosting!)


We've made the Platform as easy to set up and customize with your content as possible.  That way you can focus on your income-generating program(s)!

On several of our websites, for example, we use a third-party plugin that carries an annual license fee of $240.  Unless you request it, we do not include this with your Platform.  Why?

Because most projects do not need the extra complexity and features, or indeed the annual fee!  "Keep It Simple, Sweetheart!" 🙂

The important thing right now is to get your income-generating program launched as efficiently as possible!

So, I'm sure you're asking:


"Why are you giving away your membership platform for free?"


There are at least two reasons:

(1) Given the global pandemic, we are sharing our platform with small businesses in every category.  Now is the time to develop your online products and services!  But we especially want to support “Wellness Businesses” who are working to raise the consciousness of our planet.

(2) In the interest of complete transparency, we know that a percentage of the folks we speak with will become clients. But rather than try to "persuade," we prefer to prove we can help for free while helping as many as we can. That way, we're doing good, and everyone benefits.  We love helping people, and so it's totally okay if you don't want to become a client.  🙂


So here’s how this works:


First, we'll speak on the phone or zoom (your choice).

We need to make sure that you are a "real person" with good intentions and a "suitable" project idea.  We don't want our platform to be used for gambling, pornography, or anything political. We're not giving this away to the entire internet. 🙂

That said, you don't necessarily have to be a "Consciousness Teacher" or "Wellness Business" to benefit.  As long as your intention is to grow a "legitimate" online business that helps people and supports our planet, we're happy to give you a "clone" of this platform for free.

So, on our call, we'll discuss your project and what you'd like to create...

We'll talk about what you want to achieve, and the easiest ways to "make it happen" for YOU.  For example, do you want a monthly subscription site like Spiritual Growth Monthly? Or do you want to sell e-books, step-by-step courses, physical products, online classes, retreat events, or coaching services?

By the way, this is exactly what we explore in our "Business Breakthrough" coaching sessions!

You effectively get the coaching session for free when we speak!  We'll also answer any questions you have about the platform, what it can do, and how it works.


By the end of our time together, one of two things will happen:


(1) You’ll feel inspired and clear about your income-generating project.  And you’ll decide to install the platform yourself. (Unless you're "tech-savvy," you'll probably need to hire a webmaster to do this for you).  If that’s the case, then great! We'll give you access to the platform so you can get started immediately. We'll just ask that you "keep in touch" and let us know how you’re going from time to time.

The other possibility is…

(2) You’ll feel inspired and clear about your income-generating project.  And you’ll ask us to install the platform for you (perhaps even work with you on-going, so you can finally "get it done!")

Either way, you will have gained great clarity about your project. And, as long as your project is suitable, you'll receive a clone of our membership platform that our company has invested thousands of dollars to build.

Robert Tempany

…It was great to connect and share with you my envisioning… I am grateful for you sharing your insights, perspectives for my seeking of a firm knowing, the certitude which I have struggled with. Really appreciate that. I am much clearer…

Robert Tempany

Here’s what happens when we decide to work together…


Now, as I said, this part is totally optional. No pressure at all.

If you want us to install the platform for you on your website, we can do it for a one-time fee of $100. Beyond that, if you want to continue working together, we can talk about this too.

To be clear, our initial call together is NOT a sales pitch.

In fact, if you feel your time was wasted (which has never happened), we will pay you $100. Your time is valuable and we fully respect that. Quite literally, no-one has ever requested this. Everyone we speak with feels they have received incredible value and thanks us for helping them.


So here’s what happens next…


First, let’s schedule the FREE call so we can understand a bit more about your project.

We'll talk about what you want to create and the easiest ways to "make it happen," specific to your needs and style.  We'll answer any questions about the platform, what it can do, and how it works.

If you want us to install the platform on your website, the cost will be $100. If you want your own webmaster to do this, that's fine too.  If you have any questions about working with us on-going, then great. If not, then no worries at all.

Here are the next steps:

To schedule our initial call, we need to take a “real person deposit” of $100.

Don’t worry, this is just a deposit and will be promptly returned. We just need to filter out people who aren’t really serious...

The deposit will be refunded as soon as we’ve finished speaking (or before if you like). In fact, you can have your deposit back under any circumstances whatsoever, at any time. Or, if you want us to install the platform for you, you can use your deposit as payment, if you like.

The purpose is just to prove you’re a real person, with "good intentions," and you’re serious about your business, that’s all.


Here’s what happens after that…


Next, you’ll be directed to a short survey page.

Here we will ask you to answer a few simple questions about your project and what you’d like to achieve – 5 minutes, tops.  Next, you'll be directed to the online calendar to book a spot for our initial conversation via phone or zoom (your choice).

REMEMBER: On our call, the entire focus will be on serving you – helping you clarify what you want to achieve with your project and the best strategies for YOU. And if you want to install the platform yourself, that’s totally fine -- we’ll return your deposit immediately.  If you want us to install the platform for you and/or talk about our services, we can do that too.  It's entirely your choice.

Gina Angus

Thank you… for helping me see clearly. You were able to help quickly and bring focus back on to what matters. So grateful to you for sharing your gift, knowledge and insight. Look forward to working together again.

Gina Angus

Are you ready to launch and grow your online business to the next level?


If this offer resonates with you, then please take action now!

Given the pandemic, we want to help (for free) as many businesses as possible. However, in the current climate, we cannot guarantee how long this offer will be available.

So, if you can see the value of receiving a FREE clone of our membership platform AND the FREE "Business Breakthrough" coaching session to support your project and your business, then please take action now.


Click below to pay your refundable deposit:


On the very next page, answer a few quick questions about what you want to achieve. Then, you'll be directed to our calendar to schedule our conversation.

Thank you -- we look forward to speaking with you soon!


Peace and Prosperity for All,

~ Matthew Clarkson
Director of Online Sales & Training
Mind-Body Training Associates

PS. Imagine your very online membership program with 1000 members, each paying $10-200 per month? Given the global pandemic, now is the time to develop your online products and services! We especially want to support “Wellness Businesses” who are working to raise the consciousness of our planet. That's why we're sharing a FREE 'clone' of our "Spiritual Growth Monthly" membership platform worth thousands of dollars!

Kindly read the letter above to understand all our reasons for doing this.

PPS. To be clear, we are NOT granting anyone permission to copy any of the content, training programs, or marketing materials on Spiritual Growth Monthly.  This is about using our technology platform to launch your own online program(s) quickly, thus saving a lot of time, energy, and money!

PPPS. Click the button or link to pay your refundable deposit -- let's schedule our initial conversation and get your income generating program up and running ASAP!  And, if you have friends who might benefit from this, kindly share this message. The planet needs all of us to work together toward greater healing and conscious transformation!