We suggest working your way through the Guided Meditation Toolkits at your own pace, either in the order presented or in the way you feel guided to do so. If you have been using Guided Meditations as a daily practice, these meditations will take that practice to the next level! You can either use these meditations in addition or pause your Guided Meditation practice while you use these and return to it when you are done. Follow your inspiration! And, enjoy your practice! :)


Spiritual Growth Accelerator

Begin with SGM's 3-step process to clarify your intention and personal practice!

Manifesting Meditation

Receive your Core Desire and find the correct vibrational stance to manifest everything easily in your life.



Inner Clearing

Releases negative thinking, emotions and stress while activating a feeling of spacious clarity and peace.

The Healed & Happy Heart

Cultivate feelings of love, worthiness and healing for your self and others.

Energy Meditation

Relaxes you deeply, opens your energy channels, and cultivates vital energy in your Lower Dantien.

Learning Meditation

Learn how to meditate, activate your body’s natural relaxation response to release all types of stress.

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