April 2009 Edition: “Get The Life You Want” With NLP

April 2009 Edition: “Get The Life You Want” With NLP

For April, we focus on Richard Bandler’s powerful book “Get The Life You Want.”

In this month’s messages, you’ll discover how “you are doing” the disappointing, frustrating, and less than ideal experiences in you life. You’ll also discover how “you are doing” the positive, happy, and successful experiences in your life. You’ll learn the specific details of how your mind is working and put it to work for you instead of against you.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the science of how you mentally create your personal experience. Richard Bandler is the father and co-creator of NLP, which has been helping people change their lives for more than 40 years. NLP has proven effective for overcoming bad habits, loss, anxiety, and depression, and for increasing health, motivation, and success in all areas of life. In Mr. Bandler’s latest book, “Get The Life You Want,” he distills the essence of the NLP approach and gives a series of simple, practical exercises to put NLP to work for you.

You can experience the practical power of NLP in this Month’s Weekly Messages.


** Click on the Weekly Messages below to discover some amazing insights and powerful practices.

Week 1: Click here for the Insight Of The Month – “HOW You Are Creating Your Experience”

Week 2: Click here for the Practice Of The Month – “Amplify the Positive and Dissolve the Negative”

Week 3:
Click here for the Question Of The Month -“How to Get Over It, Get Through It, and Get To It”

Week 4: Click here for the Group Coaching Call Replay from Sunday April 26, 2009