Welcome To The New Spiritual Growth Monthly

Welcome To The New Spiritual Growth Monthly

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I’d like to welcome you, our members, to the New Spiritual Growth Monthly. My name is Kevin Schoeninger. In the new format, Matt Clarkson has invited me to provide weekly messages, content, and group coaching support.

You may know me from my Learn Qigong Meditation Program or from my newly released E-book The Power of Practice. My role with the new SGM is to bring my 27 years of experience working with clients in the field of holistic fitness and meditation instruction to support you on your path.

My hope is that we can listen to each other, share our insights, and grow together in consciousness, compassion, and manifesting the lives we are each meant to live.

The new format is designed to give you even more support on your personal path. Included in the New SGM is a new section entitled: The SGM Toolkit. You can find the Toolkit in the right-hand column. In the Toolkit you will find:

  • A Daily Practice Log
  • Higher Consciousness Practices
  • Meditation Instruction, including guided Core Energy Meditation
  • Diet and Nutrition Tips
  • Holistic Fitness Training Tools
  • Access to all 36 previous editions of SGM (that’s a lot of great material). This will be available to you in the next few weeks after we move the SGM site to the new server.

In addition to the Toolkit, each month you will receive weekly messages in text and MP3 format:

  • Weekly Message One: Insight of the Month
  • Weekly Message Two: Practice of the Month
  • Weekly Message Three: Question of the Month
  • Weekly Message Four: Group Coaching Call

To get the most out of your Membership:

  • Log in to the site and read or listen to the Weekly Messages (posted each Sunday night),
  • Interact with Matt, Kevin, and fellow members by Commenting at the end of the current Weekly Message (share your questions, insights, and experiences),
  • Participate in the Group Coaching Call (usually the fourth Sunday of each month),
  • Use the Toolkit resources that you find helpful,
  • Take up a Daily Practice that is important to you.

I hope that you will find this new format even more helpful as you journey along your unique life path. As always, Matt and I appreciate your comments and feedback.

With that as an introduction, below are the Weekly Messages from the first month of our new format, January 2008. You can check these out to get a feel for what to expect. (Normally, when you log in to the site, the current month’s messages will be displayed. Click on the latest highlighted message to go to the current week’s discussion. Previous months are archived in the right-hand column. )

We look forward to your presence in our community of practice.

Click here for Weekly Message 1: Insight Of The Month

Click here for Weekly Message 2: Practice Of The Month

Click here for Weekly Message 3: Question Of The Month

Click here for our first Group Coaching Call

0 Replies to “Welcome To The New Spiritual Growth Monthly”

  1. Hi Matt or is it Matt and Kevin,

    Well I have just had a quick look around your NEW site it is GREAT.

    I really like the idea of the forms, Great.

    Would it be possible to have them, so one can enter the information on the computer as well.

    For all those people who travel around, if they can have them on their computer they can enter or look at the forms then at any time, also it would mean less paper to carry around ! !

    If the above is possible please excuse my slowness ! !

    I will say its the Devon air ! !

    It is going to be really HELPFUL.

    Yours with Many Thanks,


  2. That’s a great suggestion George. I will pass it along to Matt and the programmers.

    Thanks for your interest and participation.

    I hope you can join us for our Group Coaching Call on Sunday January 27th.


  3. Hello

    I am excited to get started.
    Toolkit is exciting/ will u have a friendly printer page/ i like to print the logs and isructions and etc. in a binder for easy refrence.

  4. Hi Guys,

    Thanks for such great suggestions!

    We can certainly make the Toolkit forms printable – that should be a fairly straightforward job for the designer. Actually I have already printed the daily practice log for myself and it worked fine. Not sure about you guys in the US with “letter” style paper?

    Please comment and let me know how the practice log prints for you – and also the other forms from the toolkit which I haven’t yet tried.

    I also love the idea of allowing information to be entered online! That opens up some interesting possibilities for the future… For now, I will speak to the programmer about this. Maybe our first job is to make sure the forms can be printed.

    We’re in the process of moving to a new server which will be happening in the next 1-2 weeks. That will be the ideal time to have the forms re-sized with the new design etc.

    All the best,


  5. Hi Matt and Kevin, I thoroughly enjoyed the conference calls over the last couple of weeks. In the last call, Matt you did a guided meditation to get in touch with one’s greatest fears/obstacles to success. I had an interesting experience and I didn’t go where I thought I would mentally. Nonetheless, it didn’t feel exactly like I was right on target….any suggestions for identifying one’s fears of success.

    I’m an avid reader and have recently read some books on co-creation, but I am also a Christian and I’m in a bit of conflict with whether I am my higher power or Christ/God’s divine presence is my higher power.

    I realize these are pretty deep issues and am not sure this is the appropriate venue to discuss them, but I would appreciate any insights you can offer.

    Thanks for your dedication to sharing your knowledge and making the world a more peaceful place.

  6. Hi Shelly,

    Glad you enjoyed NYB. With the Limiting Belief Destroyer process, the key is all in the setup.

    You have to have the problem belief well defined in a nutshell type statement. It doesn’t so much matter that you consciously know when you first created the limiting belief, but it does need to be well defined. i.e. the belief holding me back is that “Too much money is bad” or that “I need to be a victim in order to have a good relationship” etc.

    When the problem is well defined, you can then “rise above it” and get the right positive learnings for yourself and for the future.

    You have access to the recording of both processes in the “Bonus Resources” section so you can always repeat it as many times as you need to.

    I also recommend you start working with Kevin’s “core energy meditation” (it’s in the Toolkit). It’s one thing to change a thought … it’s quite another thing to work with the energy system directly.

    Hope this helps.


  7. Hi Shelly,
    Thanks for your feedback and great questions.

    Two short comments and we can certainly discuss these more on the Group Coaching Call, if you wish.

    On how to precisely identify your fears of success: Do so within a “live” or real-life moment. When you experience tension in your body or apprehension or fear, understand that feeling from within your context at that moment. At that moment, it won’t be abstracted or imagined, but it will be arising within certain conditions that you can precisely be aware of. Become aware in the moment that you have the feeling.

    On “whether I am my higher power or Christ/God’s divine presence is my higher power.” When one talks of higher power it is never really “mine.” It is the Divine Presence within each of us. It is the “I AM” that enlivens every one. In that sense, to say “my” or “your” higher power isn’t accurate. It is the higher power that gives life to us all. On the other hand, we each have unique experiences of that presence and may label it differently. I believe the experience itself is most important versus how we name it. Especially in this case, where we are talking about that which is beyond concepts or words:the Source of all that is.


  8. Kevin, You are so articulate and I can see a spiritual person. I appreciate your insights. Regarding the fears of success, the truth is I feel very successful in many areas of my life. I suppose apprehension/resentment comes in periodically,usually around not having enough time to pursue my own personal goals. I’m a mother of 3, training for a triathlon now, plus I assist my husband in his business, belong to a few clubs as well as a bible study (a little type A), my days are packed. I’ve put my goals on hold and a part of me is okay with that as I know my family, whom I love dearly, needs me. Plus, I don’t have the energy I used to, I’m 46 y/o. I really try to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night. I’ve already benefited from the remembering exercise #1 #1 and have been feeling more peaceful and relaxed. I’m trying to be open to universe and if my goals are meant to be (I’m interested in becoming an alternative healer certified in Total Body Modification and Neuro Emotional Training) I feel like the doors with open. I’ve got quite a way to go beginning with renewing my RN license that lapsed about 10 years ago!

    I look forward to hearing more on Sunday (I’m skipping yoga for it!)

    PS Matt I’ll check out that meditation. I feel so fortunate to have found you guys!
    I plan on listening to the conference call this Sunday.

  9. Hi Shelly,
    So great of you to share your experience with us.

    I believe that it is important to pay attention to those little inner nudges/apprehensions/resentments, etc. I find that a deeper presence speaks to us in those subtle inner movements that we often brush aside as inconsequential. The big events and activities of the day seem so much more pressing and important.

    If you have a daily practice where you spend some quiet and alone time, you may want to spend a few moments checking in and listening for those subtle messages (especially if they seem off track at first).

    As we are open to those almost still, small voices they begin to speak volumes (though maybe not always in words).

    I encourage you to take some time for “yourself” each day. I too am 46 and have a wife and two children as well as running two businesses. I find that daily quiet time is essential if I am to give to others and if I am to be able to sense and follow the bigger plan that is here for me.

    Look forward to hearing your voice on Sunday,

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