Lester Levenson on Expansion

Lester Levenson on Expansion

“Now, after releasing the brakes upon the mind, we accelerate because the self-imposed holds are let go of, and we see new horizons. The new horizons are vast and without limitations! So we step on the gas, and we want to move into this vastness…” ~ Lester Levenson

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In 1952, a 42-year-old physicist, engineer, and entrepreneur named Lester Levenson was sent home to his Central Park South penthouse in New York City by his doctor after experiencing his second coronary with the advice, “Buy loafers, because if you bend over to tie your shoelaces, you may die.” Most people would have resigned themselves to this final unhappy verdict. Lester Levenson was not most people, however.

Instead, he chose another route: an adventure of exploration and discovery that led him to the ultimate goal. What Lester discovered and experienced was that we are all unlimited loving beings, limited only by the concepts, thoughts, beliefs, and feelings we hold in mind. These limitations are not fact and they are not true. And because they are not true, they can be easily let go, released, or dissolved.

To learn more of his remarkable words of guidance, there is the Happiness Is Free book, available on Amazon. It is a compilation of private talks Lester gave in the 1960’s, with releasing explorations following each talk, offered by Hale Dwoskin.