June 2010 Edition: “Emotional Intelligence”

June 2010 Edition: “Emotional Intelligence”

This month, we explore “The Emotional Intelligence Quick Book,” by Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves.   Bradberry and Greaves are organizational psychologists who have surveyed over 500,000 people about their emotional intelligence (EI or EQ).  They’ve found that EI is the single most important factor determining your success in personal change, relationships, business, and anything you do in life.

In this month’s messages, we’ll learn the four skills of emotional intelligence, how to build those skills, and how to overcome perceived obstacles to personal change using HeartMath.

Click on the links below to read and/or listen to this month’s Weekly Messages:

Week 1: Click here for the Insight of the Month: “Emotional Intelligence: Your Key to Success”

Week 2: Click here for the Practice of the Month: “Building Your Emotional Intelligence Skills”

Week 3: Click here for the Question of the Month: “What is HeartMath?”

Week 4: Click here for the Group Coaching Call Replay: “Breakthrough with HeartMath”