Spiritual Growth Monthly August 2015: “Freeing Your Soul”

Spiritual Growth Monthly August 2015: “Freeing Your Soul”


The Untethered Soul
This month, we explore the bestselling spiritual classic “The Untethered Soul,” (New Harbinger Publications, Inc. and Noetic Books, 2007) by Michael A. Singer. In this month’s weekly messages, you’ll discover how to free yourself from the voice chattering inside your head, heal your heart, and connect to the Core part of you that is calm, clear, and joyously peaceful.

WEEK 1: “How to Get Rid of Negative Thoughts”

WEEK 2: “How to Tap Into Infinite Energy”

WEEK 3: “How to Heal Fears That Disturb Your Peace”

WEEK 4: Meditation of the Month: “How To Find Your Calm, Clear Center”

WEEK 5: SGM Interview: “Is Instant Transformation Really Possible?”

Coming Up Next Month: “The Gifts of Imperfection” by Brene Brown, Ph.D.

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