SGM January 2010 Edition: “Defying Gravity”

SGM January 2010 Edition: “Defying Gravity”

This month, we explore “Defying Gravity” by Caroline Myss.  Myss is a world-renowned presenter in the field of energy medicine and consciousness development.  As a medical intuitive for the past 28 years, she has assisted people in understanding the root causes of illness and witnessed what really creates personal healing and transformation.  It’s not what you might think.

Click on the links below to read and/or listen to this month’s Weekly Messages:

Week 1: Click here for the Insight of the Month: “The Problem with Reason”

Week 2: Click here for the Practice of the Month: “Transforming Darkness Into Light”

Week 3: Click here for the Question of the Month: “What Does It Mean to Defy Gravity?”

Week 4: Click here for the Group Coaching Call Replay: “How to Live in a Field of Grace”

Week 5: Click here for the Bonus Message: “The Three Faces of God”