SGM March 2011 Edition: “Rewire Your Brain”

SGM March 2011 Edition: “Rewire Your Brain”

In this month’s Messages, we’ll explore “Rewire Your Brain” by John B. Arden, PhD.  In this book, Arden brings us  empowering research from neuroscience that shows our tremendous ability to affect the way we experience life.  Arden offers a wealth of tips and practices that you can put to use right away to improve your mood, energy, memory, and mental clarity.  He also gives us the four keys to our brain to make positive life changes.  I think you’ll find this book fascinating and useful.

Click on the links below to read and/or listen to this month’s Weekly Messages:

Week 1: Click here for the Insight of the Month: “How To FEED Your Brain for Positive Change”

Week 2: Click here for the Practice of the Month: “Boosting Your Energy, Mood, and Memory”

Week 3: Click here for the Question of the Month: “What’s the Secret to Mastering Your Greatest Challenge?”

Week 4: Click here for the Meditation of the Month: “Breathing Your Sacred Word”

Upcoming next month: “Loyalty to Your Soul” by Mary R. Hulnick, PhD and H. Ronald Hulnick, PhD