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Spiritual Growth Monthly March 2018: “Rewire Your Brain”

In this month’s Messages, we’ll explore “Rewire Your Brain” by John B. Arden, PhD.  In this book, Arden brings us  empowering research from neuroscience that shows our tremendous ability to affect the way we experience life.  Arden offers a wealth of tips and practices that you can put to use right away to improve your mood, energy, memory, and mental clarity.  He also gives us the four keys to our brain to make positive life changes.  I think you’ll find this book fascinating and useful.

WEEK 1: “How To FEED Your Brain for Positive Change”

WEEK 2: “Boosting Your Energy, Mood, and Memory”

WEEK 3: “What’s the Secret to Mastering Your Greatest Challenge?”

WEEK 4: “Breathing Your Sacred Word”


Upcoming next month: “Loyalty to Your Soul” by Mary R. Hulnick, PhD and H. Ronald Hulnick, PhD

Spiritual Growth Monthly February 2018: “Turning The Mind Into An Ally”

In this month’s Messages, we’ll explore the book “Turning The Mind Into An Ally” by Sakyong Mipham.  “The Sakyong” is the lineage holder in the Shambala Buddhist tradition and a world-renowned teacher of applying spiritual practice to everyday life.  In this bestselling book, he takes us in-depth into the practice of “peaceful abiding” and “insight” and shows us how to discover our basic goodness and luminous essence.

WEEK 1: “How to Get Underneath Stress and Suffering”

WEEK 2: “Six Transcending Actions”

WEEK 3: “Where Are You In Your Training?”

WEEK 4: “Peaceful Abiding into Insight”


Upcoming next month: “Rewire Your Brain” by John Arden, PhD

Spiritual Growth Monthly January 2018: “Waking from Sleep”

Happy New Year and welcome to Spiritual Growth Monthly!  It’s good to have you with us.

In this month’s Messages, we’ll explore “Waking From Sleep” by Steve Taylor. In his latest book, Taylor asks us to ponder these questions, “What if our normal waking consciousness is more like a state of sleep?  and “What if we can awake from this sleep to heightened states of consciousness that dramatically improve our lives?  Not only is such a shift possible, but, now more than ever, it is essential.  Taylor offers sage advice on how to make this next step in human evolution.

WEEK 1: “What It Means to Wake Up”

WEEK 2: “Five Sacred Practices”

WEEK 3: “Why Does Awakening Elude Us?”

WEEK 4: “Intensifying and Stilling Life Energy”


Upcoming next month: “Turning The Mind Into An Ally” by Sakyong Mipham


Spiritual Growth Monthly December 2017: “The Biology of Belief”

The next two months, we’ll investigate the power of beliefs to affect what shows up in our lives. Understanding your beliefs and knowing how to self-program your internal belief system can change your health and well-being and the results you’re getting in life. This month, we focus on material from Dr. Bruce Lipton’s groundbreaking book entitled “The Biology of Belief.” Dr. Lipton’s book is at the forefront of a revolution in life science and personal growth.

WEEK 1: “The Power of Belief”

WEEK 2: “Recognizing Your Limiting Beliefs”

WEEK 3: “How to Release From Limiting Beliefs”

WEEK 4: “The Limiting Belief Destroyer!”


BONUS #1: “Welcoming The Light”

BONUS #2:  “1-to-1 Laser Clarity Session”

Upcoming: Waking From Sleep


Spiritual Growth Monthly November 2017: “Learn Qigong Meditation”

This month, we explore insights and techniques from the ancient art of Qigong Meditation.


WEEK 1: “Simple Way to Feel Lightness and Ease”

WEEK 2: “Boost Positive Energy & Confidence With Standing Meditation”

WEEK 3: “How to Clear Your Energy & Activate Inner Guidance”

WEEK 4: “Energizing Qi Exercises”

Upcoming next month: “The Biology of Belief”

Spiritual Growth Monthly October 2017: “The Ancient Science of Conscious Breathing”

This month, we explore insights from the ancient science of Conscious Breathing.


WEEK 1: How to Breathe for Better Health & Enlightenment

WEEK 2: “Downshift From Stress with Coherent Breathing”

WEEK 3: “Use Your Breath to Release Tension, Pain, & Negative Feelings

WEEK 4: “Sleep Better With Savasana Relaxation Meditation”

WEEK 5: Guided Meditation: “Present Moment Breath Awareness”

Upcoming next month: “Learn Qigong Meditation”

SGM September 2017 Edition: “The Science of Heart Power”

This month, we explore insights from the surprising science of heart power.


WEEK 1: “What Signal Is Your Heart Broadcasting?”

WEEK 2: “How to Defuse Stress Instantly”

WEEK 3: “How to Heal Chronic Frustrations, Disappointments, & Negative Feelings”

WEEK 4: Meditation of the Month: “Welcoming Divine Love & Light Into Your Heart”

Upcoming next month: “The Ancient Science of Conscious Breathing”

Spiritual Growth Monthly August 2017: “Relaxing Into Open Focus”

This month, we explore the mind-expanding and body-healing secrets revealed in “The Open Focus Brain” by Dr. Les Fehmi and Jim Robbins.


WEEK 1: “Is the Curse of Narrow Focus Sucking Joy From Your Life?

WEEK 2: “The Open Focus Solution to Pressure and Stress”

WEEK 3: “How to Dissolve Emotional or Physical Pain Using Open Focus”

WEEK 4: Meditation of the Month: “Head & Hands in Open Focus”

Upcoming next month: “The HeartMath Solution”

Spiritual Growth Monthly July 2017: “The Law of Attraction”

This month, we explore the manifesting secret of the Law of Attraction.


WEEK 1: “Three Spiritual Laws to Live By”

WEEK 2: “These 3 Tools Pave the Path to What You Really Want”

WEEK 3: “A Simple Way to Raise Your Vibration, When You Don’t Feel Like It”

WEEK 4: “The Magical Process of Intentional Segments”

WEEK 5: “Tips for Better Meditation”

Upcoming next month: “The Open Focus Brain”

Spiritual Growth Monthly June 2017: “The Secret to Spiritual Enlightenment”

This month, we explore the secret to spiritual enlightenment


WEEK 1: “The Spiritual Path Out Of Anxiety”

WEEK 2: “7 Simple Tools to Live in Lightness & Grace”

WEEK 3: “Is Permanent Inner Peace Really Possible?”

WEEK 4: Meditation of the Month: “The Secret to Spiritual Enlightenment

Upcoming next month: “The Law of Attraction”


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