Spiritual Growth Monthly Sept 2014: “Conscious Millionaire”

Spiritual Growth Monthly Sept 2014: “Conscious Millionaire”


conscious millionaire
This month, we explore a spiritual view of wealth through the book “Conscious Millionaire,” (Conscious World Press, LLC, 2014). In this book, bestselling author, entrepreneur, and business coach JV Crum III begins by identifying our common, limiting, cultural beliefs around money. He then moves forward to describe a new view that he calls Second Stage Capitalism™, in which money and higher purpose are intimately interrelated. He shows us that by shifting our consciousness and aligning with this new perspective, we can heal our wounds around money and achieve the financial freedom and deeper meaning we long for.

WEEK 1: “Money and Higher Purpose”

WEEK 2: “3-Step Conscious Wealth Creation Formula”

WEEK 3: “9 Beliefs to Raise Your Wealth Consciousness”

WEEK 4: Meditation of the Month: “Raising Your Wealth Consciousness”

Next month: “You Are The Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter” by Dr. Joe Dispenza