Spiritual Growth Monthly October 2014: “Making Your Mind Matter”

Spiritual Growth Monthly October 2014: “Making Your Mind Matter”


You Are The Placebo
This month, we explore my current favorite book, “You Are The Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter,” (Hay House, 2014) by Dr. Joe Dispenza. You may remember Dr. Dispenza from his book, “Evolve Your Brain,” (Health Communications, Inc. 2007) which we featured a few years back on SGM or from his appearance in the movie, “The Secret.” Through 30 years of research and teaching, Dr. Joe has discovered the principles and most effective practices that make it possible for us to realize not only amazing healing, but also tremendous turnarounds in our relationships and the results in our lives.

WEEK 1: “How Your Mind Becomes Matter”

WEEK 2: Meditation: “Relax Deeply Using Open Focus”

WEEK 3: Meditation: “The Freedom of Pure Consciousness”

WEEK 4: Meditation: “How to Change One Belief or Perception”

Next month: Let me know what you’d like to explore! Email me at questions@mindbodytrainingcompany.com

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  1. Kevin,

    I have been listening to the meditation for October. It is quite powerful! I am excited to see the changes materialize. Coming back to SGM at this particular time in my life was no coincidence!

    Thank you for sharing this powerful material!

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