Spiritual Growth Monthly January 2014: “The Life You Are Meant To Live!”

Spiritual Growth Monthly January 2014: “The Life You Are Meant To Live!”


This month we explore “The Life You Are Meant to Live,” that is the greater possibilities that you are destined to create, receive, and enjoy!

I think you’ll find this an empowering way to jump-start an awesome New Year by opening to miraculous possibilities, setting powerful intentions, releasing resistance, and following through with an effective Action Plan to live your Dreams! Click on the blue highlighted links below to read and/or listen to this month’s Weekly Messages.

WEEK 1: “Opening To Miraculous Possibilities”

WEEK 2: “Getting Clear On What Your Soul Desires!”

WEEK 3: “The Hidden Danger To Your Dreams”

WEEK 4: “Setting Intentions, Overcoming Procrastination, and Taking Confident Action!”

Upcoming Next Month: The Often Overlooked Secret to Stress Relief, Health, Energy, and Abundance!

0 Replies to “Spiritual Growth Monthly January 2014: “The Life You Are Meant To Live!””

  1. HI Kevin,

    I can’t seem to access this weeks message, when I click on the link, I get an error message saying it can’t be found. Not sure if this is something you can help with please? I will try again later 🙂

    Many Thanks,

  2. Hi Kevin & Matt,
    I am really enjoying he classes and sharing what I am getting from them with my Meditation class. I do Thank You Very much, I am finding it much easier to meditate, and feel the classes are very important to my Spiritual Growth and Development !
    Thanks again and I am not turning all the other things you are offering me away because the are not interesting to me, I am concentrating on SGM – Keeping up with the class is my main focus, So Please don’t take offence to my turning down Your offer’s, I have a hard time of it when there are to many things to deal with.
    I Thank You So much for all you both do!
    Sincerely, Emily

    1. Hi Emily,
      So glad you are enjoying the SGM content and meditations. Thank you for expressing your appreciation!
      I highly encourage you to keep focused on what is top priority for you and let go of the rest. 🙂
      Keep up your good practice!

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