July Edition 2008: “The Power of Breath”

July Edition 2008: “The Power of Breath”

July is the third month of our four-month Mind-Body Practice Series. This month, we focus on the astonishing power of the breath. Most of us take breathing for granted. Afterall, our body takes care of that for us, so that we can do other things.

However, when you take the time to become aware of your breathing and guide it into a complete coherent pattern you’ll be surprised at this inner power. There’s much more to your breath than you might think.

Click on the Weekly Messages below to discover some amazing insights and powerful practices.

Week 1: Click here for the Insight Of The Month – “5 Keys to Unlock the Power of Your Breath”

Week 2: Click here for the Practice Of The Month – “Down-shift with Coherent Breathing”

Week 3:
Click here for the Question Of The Month -“How to Breathe to Release Your Inner Power”

Week 4: NEW! Click here for the Group Coaching Call Replay